Program Praise:

Sarah and the program asked the tough/right questions and gave me an opportunity to lay a foundation I think I could honestly build any business on. This is crucial for someone like me who tends to shift gears quite a bit. Most importantly, the program taught me how to focus and determine where my time is best spent, yes. But also taught me that it's ok to switch gears with the right "toolbox" — SHANNON BYRNE, THE PROCESS PODCAST

Sarah’s program offered the bedrock and environment in which to step back, evaluate, and adjust. The tools and techniques in this course helped me polish existing systems and establish new ones to increase productivity and cultivate balance. Before the course, I felt like a seed in the wind of my business. Since working with Sarah, I feel rooted and able to flourish. Working with Sarah was like slipping into a warm bath. I felt enveloped by her guidance and support throughout the course. — MADELEINE BOGA, FEILDERY.COM @THEFEILDERY

One-on-one Praise: