2-hr Cash Flow Cleanse Workshop [101]

2-hr Cash Flow Cleanse Workshop [101]


This is the basics level, introduction workshop. Formulated to help you create a cash flow analysis, it is comprehensive, actionable, and build-able.

Like most things, this only works if you work it. We expect (and hope) you will join us for follow-up sessions & master classes. This system is worth thousands of dollars - it will help you see your money in a new way and be a tool you can use on a daily basis to keep you centered & strategic.

What you’ll get:

Prep resources

  • Figure out your business and personal overhead

  • Written materials to prepare you with vocabulary & frame of mind

2-hour Group Digital Workshop with Sarah

  • Review examples of cash flow

  • Step by step HOW TO

  • Link to recorded session (expires after 3 days)

  • Access to follow-up materials & discounts for future extended workshops

Cash Flow Cleanse Me!